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Our trip planner is easy to use and helps you organize your trips

You can book train and bus tickets over 43 countries in Europe and beyond !

Many modes of transportation are available when planning your trips

Booking your flights directly with airlines has many advantages to offer, with our trip planner, you can do so with 10 airlines around the world !

Travelling by air ? 72H before your flight, we will send you an email to remind you that you can track it! And when we are aware of an important update such as gate changes, baggage carousel number etc.. we will notify you.

Because we know a trip can be booked via multiple travel providers, especially when you add extra services, we include contact buttons for each providers on your itinerary pages.

We will also remind you of the important steps before & during your trip. Our virtual Travel Concierge will also keep your itinerary pages tidy and remove any unconfirmed items.

We also have a tool to remind you when one of your travel documents is about to expire. This will allow you to save several types of documents from different countries.

Don't know where to go ? you can check our free Travel guide available on our website !

Using MyTravelConcierge.app is free ! All you have to do is to create an account or sign in with your evan.media credentials

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